Treat Muscle Soreness After Exercise

Whether you are a regular exerciser or occasional, muscle soreness is a common problem if you are not used to training your muscles to heavy exercises. Exercises are done to keep your body fit, loosen your muscles and stay healthy. But what if the same exercise causes you heavy muscle pain? Would you still continue, rather you may feel why should you even continue doing exercises? Its a proven fact that exercises can cure all your ailments but as a side effect there might be some muscle soreness.

Here are the best ways to treat muscle soreness after exercise:

Natural treatment

For temporary muscle pain caused by the the MMA Strength training, resting is the most easiest and harmless remedy. You must take a break as your body needs timeout. In the meantime you can apply ice on the sore parts as ice pack acts as natural pain reliever. You can later use a hot pack to warm up your muscles and if it is too uncomfortable, then use ice packs.


Over the counter pain relieving ointments are available to relieve your pain caused by MMA weight training. As these ointments are externally applied, the risk of side effects and allergies are quite less. After applying and massaging for around half an hour up to an hour you can take a hot water bath to relieve muscle pain.

Do light exercises

Continuing your exercises in a less intense way is the easiest way for training your muscles. This is an easy way to give time for your body muscles to relax a bit while you continue mending it to work out gradually. This will help you recover the blood circulation thus reducing your muscle pain.

OTC medications

Over the counter pain medications like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc,  reduces the pain caused by MMA weight training. These drugs act as anti inflammatory agents to relieve your pain. Tylenol or topical pain medications such as creams and gels can also be used to relieve the muscle pain. However, make sure that you do not take over dose of any of these medications. Some might be allergic to people, watch out for that. Few others may make you feel a bit drowsy, so be careful if you plan to drive on your own.

Seek medical help

When none of the above remedies work out, then do not keep experimenting and training your muscles. Visit a physician immediately and he will take care of it all. There may be different therapies and treatments required based on the intensity in which you have hurt your muscles. An expert will be authorized and suitable to take care of you in such cases.

If you stop stretching and exercising due to muscle pain, then training your muscles become very difficult as they can easily stiffen out. Above all, it is very essential to maintain your body stamina in order to prevent muscle soreness. The best way to do this is to regularly exercise and consume supplements like Omega 3 fish level oil once a day when muscle pain occurs.


The Best Ways to Make Cardio FUN

Canada MMA cardio conditioning training does take a lot of hard work and determination.  However, it can be boring at times when you are going through your workout routines especially if they are the same routines day in and day out.  So, how can you in fact make your cardio workouts fun?  You might not think it would be easy but actually it is – really!

If you don’t find some simple ways to make your cardio workouts fun, you will end up getting bored and probably stop completing the workouts.  This isn’t a good sign especially if you are serious about your workouts.  Your training needs to be fun as well effective because if they aren’t fun, you won’t want to continue your workout routines. Continue reading